Vechigen – Vice City released on Bonzai

Vice City comes into existence with a flurry of cool percussions and a strong rich pad that is complimented by a bright lead synth that belts out a classic Hammer melody. The percussions deliver a super chilled experience as that classic melody allows your mind to wander. A superb take on hugely recognisable melody that will let you slip into the world of chilldom.

Night In The Desert intros with soft pianos that lead into a wide sweeping pad vox and a cool spoken vocal. Gated synths fade in alongside a big drum arrangement that delivers a scene of wide open expanse. Rich strings become a big part of the sound before they subside and let the drums take control. The track breaks to reveal that beautiful vox as the hairs on the back of your neck rise. A wonderful slice of chill with a fantastic downtempo beat, perfect for an evening beside the fire.

Now available on Beatport.

More info about this release on the website of Bonzai Music.

Many new compilations released

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep everything up-to-date as my music is added to many compilations worldwide.

Some of the new compilations include:
Electro Language 2015 (Wrong Plane – We Love You)
Too Hard To Dance (Wrong Plane – Primera Linea)
Best Of Trance Anthems, Vol. 4 (Vechigen – Alien Believer)
Inner Silence Vol. 2 (Vechigen – The Guest House)
Yoga Lessons, Vol 6. (Vechigen – Tell No One)
Itchy Feet (Vechigen – The Visitors)
Lounge Rockers Part 3 (Vechigen – The Guest House)
Island Lounge (Vechigen – Why Can’t We Be Friends)

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Vechigen – Alien Believer enters the WCC Charts

Alien Believer enters the World Chill-Lounge Charts at #32

Check out the full charts here or in PDF.