Max Oshourkoff - B-Side Of The Moon
Max Oshourkoff – B-Side Of The Moon
Release: 14-09-2012
Label: Club Nation Records

01. B-Side Of The Moon (Gizi Radio Mix)
02. B-Side Of The Moon (Original Mix)
03. B-Side Of The Moon (Vechigen Erotic Dreams Mix)

Sivan Khan & Rex Brandtner - As Time Shifts
Sivan Khan & Rex Brandtner – As Time Shifts
Release: 24-08-2012
Label: Club Nation Records

01. As Time Shifts (Radio Mix)
02. As Time Shifts (Original Mix)
03. As Time Shifts (Matt Pincer Remix)
04. As Time Shifts (Vechigen Dark After Midnight Ambient Remix)

Matt Pincer – NRG (Club Nation Records)
Release: 12-07-2012

01. NRG (Radio Mix)
02. NRG (Original Mix)
03. NRG (Vechigen Ambient Part 2 Remix) (Exclusive Single Edition)

French Skies – Fluorescence (Club Nation Records)
Release: 20-04-2012

01. Fluorescence (Sivan Khan & Rex Brandtner Radio Remix)
02. Fluorescence (Original Mix)
03. Fluorescence (French Skies & Rex Brandtner Remix)
04. Fluorescence (Vechigen Lights Of Ambient Remix)

Lisaya feat. Guido Staps – Falling (Club Nation Records)
Release: 25-01-2012

01. Falling (Radio Edit)
02. Falling (Extended Vocal Mix)
03. Falling (Extended Dub Mix)
04. Falling (Roan Portman Chillout Mix)
05. Falling (Vechigen Breaks The Fall Remix)

The Frozen World
I5land – The Frozen World (Club Nation Records)
Release: 16-12-2011

01. The Frozen World (Matt Pincer Radio Remix)
02. The Frozen World (Original Mix)
03. The Frozen World (Matt Pincer Remix)
04. The Frozen World (Vechigen Frozen Ambient Remix)

Alexey Yakimov – Sky (Club Nation Records)
Release: 02-12-2011

01. Sky (Slavic Invasion Edit)
02. Sky (Original Mix)
03. Sky (Rex Brandtner DubRex Remix)
04. Venus (Slavic Invasion Edit)
05. Venus (Original Mix)
06. Venus (Vechigen Planet Ambient Remix)

Sunrise in London
Matt Pincer – Sunrise In London (Club Nation Records)
Release: 11-11-2011

01. Sunrise In London (Gizi Radio Edit)
02. Sunrise In London (Original Mix)
03. Sunrise In London (MIke Meade Remix)
04. Sunrise In London (Vechigen Down The Streets Remix)

Endless Way
Kamil Esten – Endless Way (Club Nation Records)
Release: 31-08-2011

01. Endless Way (Rex Brandtner Airplay Mix)
02. Endless Way (Original Mix)
03. Endless Way (Lisaya Remix)
04. Endless Way (Vechigen Endless Ambient Remix)

Waiting For A Miracle
Kamil Esten & SlaviX – Waiting For A Miracle (Club Nation Records)
Release: 23-03-2011

01. Waiting For A Miracle (Gizi Airplay Mix)
02. Waiting For A Miracle (Original Mix)
03. Waiting For A Miracle (Club Mix)
04. Waiting For A Miracle (Costa Remix)

Running Up That Hill 2011
Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill 2011 (Ziggy & Zoggy Fix The Remix)
Release: 17-03-2011

01. Running Up That Hill 2011 (Ziggy & Zoggy Fix The Remix)

The Catch
Matt Pincer – The Catch (Club Nation Records)
Release: 09-03-2011

01. The Catch (Gizi Airplay Edit)
02. The Catch (Original Mix)
03. The Catch (Vechigen vs. Tezija & Keyra Ambient Remix)

In Faith We Trust
Lisaya – In Faith We Trust (Club Nation Records)
Release: 17-01-2011

01. In Faith We Trust (Original Radio Mix)
02. In Faith We Trust (Valletta Vocal Radio Remix)
03. In Faith We Trust (Original Vocal Mix)
04. In Faith We Trust (Instrumental Mix)
05. In Faith We Trust (Soulcry Remix)
06. In Faith We Trust (Matt Pincer Remix)

Far Away
Snoww – Far Away / Sparks (Club Nation Records)
Release: 03-01-2011

01. Far Away (Vechigen Radio Edit)
02. Far Away (Original Mix)
03. Sparks (Original Mix)

Matt Pincer – Reckless (Club Nation Records)
Release: 09-12-2010

01. Reckless (Vechigen Video Edit)
02. Reckless (Original Mix)
03. Reckless (Soyana Project Remix)

Past, Present, Future
Hivanova – Past, Present, Future (Club Nation Records)
Release: 20-03-2010

01. Past, Present, Future (Original Mix)
02. Lost & Found
03. Past, Present, Future (Vechigen Radio Edit)